Security configuration

Here's how to set up a website with better security.

Secure server

Check if your web server supports HTTPS. It's best if your website is only available via HTTPS and the Internet connection is always encrypted. This protects the privacy of your users, unfortunately it's not yet supported by all web hosting provider.

You need a web server with TLS and valid certificate.

Safe mode

If many people edit your website, enable the safe mode. Open file system/config/config.ini and change ParserSafeMode: 1. Users can only use Markdown for text formatting, but no HTML and JavaScript. The website will be protected from nuisance.

You can test safe mode.

User restrictions

If many people edit your website, restrict user accounts. Open file system/config/user.ini and at the end of the line change the user's home page. Users can only edit pages within their home page.

You can test user restrictions.

Less is more

Check which features are used on your web server. Delete plugins that are no longer needed or make a static website. As a rule of thumb, the fewer software is installed, the less vulnerable the website is for attacks.

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