Adding media

All media is located in the media folder. You can store your images and other files here.


The downloads folder contains files to download. The images folder is the place to store your images. For a small website put all images inside this folder. You can also create additional folders and organise files as you like. The thumbnails folder contains image thumbnails.


Let's try out how to use images. Open the file content/1-home/page.txt in your favorite text editor and add [image picture.jpg] to the text of the page. The page will now show the file media/images/picture.jpg.

You can use the image plugin to embed images:

[image picture.jpg]
[image picture.jpg Picture]
[image picture.jpg "This is an example image"]

Images in different styles:

[image picture.jpg Example left]
[image picture.jpg Example centre]
[image picture.jpg Example right]

Images in different sizes:

[image picture.jpg Example - 64 64]
[image picture.jpg Example - 320 200]
[image picture.jpg Example - 50%]


You can use the Soundcloud plugin to embed audio:

[soundcloud 101175715]
[soundcloud 101175715 left 200 166]
[soundcloud 101175715 right 200 166]


You can use the Youtube plugin to embed videos:

[youtube fhs55HEl-Gc]
[youtube fhs55HEl-Gc left 200 112]
[youtube fhs55HEl-Gc right 200 112]

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